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Abbreviations and acronyms

CEI Central European Initiative
CTF Clean Technology Fund
E5P Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership
EBRD, the Bank European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EIB European Investment Bank
ENEF Enterprise Expansion Fund
ETCs Early transition countries
EU European Union
EU-NIF European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FYR, Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
GEF Global Environment Facility
IFI International financial institution
IMF International Monetary Fund
LEF Local Enterprise Facility
MEI Municipal and environmental infrastructure
MSMEs Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
ODA Official Development Assistance
SBS Small Business Support
SEFF Sustainable Energy Financing Facility
SEI Sustainable Energy Initiative
SEMED Southern and eastern Mediterranean
SMEs Small and medium-sized enterprises
SSF The EBRD Shareholder Special Fund
TC Technical cooperation

Exchange rates

Non-euro currencies have been converted, where appropriate, into euros on the basis of the exchange rates current on 31 December 2013. (Approximate euro exchange rates: £0.83, US$ 1.38.)


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